Metro Medical carries a selection of reachers to aid in daily living. Our reachers are sure to give you an extra hand when reaching for a high shelf or bending to retrieve something off the ground. Reachers eliminate the risk of injury when grabbing things around your house or in stores. Check out our selection of reachers today!

Reachers - $25

Reachers are the perfect addition to your home, eliminating the risk of injury when bending down to pick things up or grabbing things from out of reach places.

Our selection of reachers feature comfortable handles, a lightweight design, and a 35” length with 33” reach capabilities. Next time you drop the remote, don’t sweat it! Reach for one of our reachers for help
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Feature of Reachers
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable handle
  • Rubber lined 'fingers" for extra grabbiness
  • 35" length with 33" reach
  • Wrist strap
  • Rugged construction for use indoor and out
  • Cautionary yellow for visibility
  • Swivel head rotates 45 and 90 degrees


Whether you're recovering from surgery or have reduced mobility, reachers improve your range of motion with ease. Contact Metro Medical today for more information on how our reachers can make life more convenient and injury free!